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Each pack has dozens of shapes, sizes and messages for every device and every personality! Made from a unique material that won’t leave residue on your phone, computer or tablet and that can be re-used many times.CREEPBLOCKER is the creation of a Newport Beach Ad Agency team so they’re, cool, hip, fun and they work. No need to use band-aids or tape that might cause damage! Just install these drivers (specifically the Macam.component) and then go straight to using your cam with Quicktime 7.x….will only take a snapshot and does not any longer support live video under the current OS.

Choose our Bold webcam cover option for more clean and decidedly adult designs or opt for our Sweet edition webcam cover for more fun and family friendly choices. We at Safertech believe that EVERYONE should be concerned about their personal security, not just government officials.

The high-precision glass lens also helps in this department.

Despite how affordable this camera is, it comes with a built-in noise-cancelling microphone, so you won’t even have to spend extra money on this vital piece.

The problem with this is you can not adjust the camera feed for color saturation, brightness, etc…

Rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue.

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The 73 degrees of flexibility for tilting up or down with this camera is very helpful, too.