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Clark defends Lois, with both of them being annoyed at Cat's entrance.Lois reveals that she is covering the Gala for Oliver and turns Cat down on working together on a prospective story.Oliver responds by asking her whether or not she even knows real love anymore.After speaking to an employee, Adrianna informs Oliver and Tess that the amulet of Isis is missing from the show's pieces; she also tells them that the amulet is cursed and whoever posses it is doomed to spend eternity in the underworld.Clark leaves and subtly tells Lois to meet him on the roof in five minutes.

Clark arrives and tells the person whom he thinks is Lois, albeit badly, that he is the Blur; to which she responds that the news is unimportant to her.Oliver, back in his office, is on the phone trying to find out what happened to the amulet when Clark comes in and tells him that he is planning to tell Lois his secret. Clark tells him of the future he saw when he was with Brainiac 5, and Oliver encourages him to go for it, telling him that coming out was the best thing Oliver had ever done.To help illustrate his point, he also shows him a table full of gift baskets his fans have sent him, including a cereal box with a Green Arrow cartoon on the cover.While Clark is stunned, Isis/Lois suddenly flies away after declaring that she is now Isis.Clark is seen at Watchtower looking for Carter Hall, though he is offline and is not responding to any calls.

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He brings Clark information on Isis and Osiris and their mythology.

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