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Ed wasn't honest, he wasn't close with his family, he wasn't close with my family or my friends.He didn't have the same values as I did, he wasn't patient, he wasn't sweet, there was nothing about him that was great for me, but because everyone was rooting for him and I was in love with him at the time I tried to force that to make that work." "How I knew was how Justin is with my family," Jillian gushes.From a matter of months to more than a decade, ABC's The Bachelorette has produced more successful relationships than its male-driven counterpart. She might even be feeling a little jealous of him, in fact. The star of the season he appeared on, Jillian Harris, is “completely heartbroken” over it.“I am completely heartbroken for the Hug family.

7, the couple was spotted at Wet Republic inside the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where they hung out with Sheeran’s good pal Calvin Harris, who was spinning a set at the resort.

I don't wanna be really famous and I don't really wanna be an actress.

I pay my own bills and I guess what I'm trying to say is part of me wants to stop while I'm ahead.

) — Justin Pasutto — is "the one," what went wrong with her relationship with ex-fiancé Ed Swiderski, and the signs that you, too, may be dating a keeper. "First of all, there is no relationship that is ever easy," Jillian notes.

"Sometimes we romanticize about the idea of a relationship being perfect, but there is really no such thing. 'my heart will always love you but my brain just wants to strangle you right now.' We were just laughing so hard." "The biggest issue in life that I have for myself is looking for that perfect relationship and not forcing yourself to be with somebody just because you want to get married," she advises.

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Another Bachelorette couple bites the dust - and one we thought had a shot.