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Posted by / 29-Nov-2017 15:39

Scared to start dating again

But if you are afraid to enter a relationship because you are afraid of getting hurt, you are both a cliche and destined to go nowhere.

We always say we humans are innately fearful of loneliness.

They are much less content with staying in their safe, “my life is just fine” place.Here’s what I think: these amazing women know the reward of having a loving, devoted man in their life.They miss having a warm, rich, intimate partnership. You see, these women are not scared of dating, because they know the reward of having a partner in life.They have already been through a terrible emotional ordeal. Like my client “Lori,” who was one of the very special women in my 6-month Love Program – a highly successful and personalized private and group coaching program (which I will be offering again in the next few months).Lori was in her fifties when her husband died, leaving her to raise her teenage son alone.

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