Online dating poetry

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Online dating poetry

"Violets are blue, except that they're not, your profile might as well be blank, for all the personal info its got," the match responded."Roses are red, I like how you think, you've got quite the talent, let me buy you a drink," the match wrote.

Unfortunately, Wasterof Time took it a little too far in their next message and said, "Roses are red, let's call it a date, if things go well, then maybe we'll mate?

Introducing the Ok Stupid Poetry Slam, an artistic, open-mic platform that allows you to transform those unwelcome dating messages into, well, poetry."It all started while sitting around The Rookery one night with Jamie [the owner] and some friends, lamenting about the dating scene in Bushwick and NYC in general," Tan Roberts, the event's organizer, explained in an interview with Bushwick Daily."We got to talking about online dating and how creepy it can be; I pulled up the [Ok Cupid] app on my phone and started reading some of the more disturbing, unsolicited messages I had received — as if [they were] poetry.I like women who say words like ditto to amplify a retort, or back at cha’ to definitively end an argument that’s going no where.I like my date to order her steak rare-blue with a double martini, three olives, no sides. I like my broads tough yet still able to take a damp cloth to the baby puke on my shoulder before I’m out the door to work!

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You’re sure to find just the right words in classic or modern poetry and timeless love songs.

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