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In January 2004, nearly a year after her initial departure, it was revealed that Wagner would be returning to the show as Felicia.

Ferguson would only last in the role of Felicia for 13 episodes, making her last airdate be on November 15, 2005 after being dropped from the canvas.

It turns out that Colton had been involuntarily involved in the attack that left Frisco for dead and in 1989, Frisco turned up alive and well just in time to see Felicia marrying the man who tried to kill him in the city's park.

Felicia was unable to chose between Frisco and Colton.

Later, after accidently overhearing Frisco talking with a WSB agent about rejoining, Felicia, who has just learned that she's pregnant, runs away to her grandmother's hacienda in Texas.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.Felicia Scorpio is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital.They married at the Brownstone and since Frisco was in the police academy and could not travel away, Sean gifted them with a private honeymoon in his penthouse.In 1988, Frisco was presumably killed while undercover for the WSB and after a period of mourning, Felicia attempted to move on and married Lucy Coe's cousin Colton Shore.

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Wu and helped Robert and Anna Devane, with their young daughter Robin Scorpio. Together they moved into a small studio apartment at Bobbie Spencer's Brownstone.