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Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett commented on this, saying that he has a blank sheet of paper where a brain should be.Despite this, he serves as Gorillaz's lead vocalist.Murdoc's bumper crashed into Stuart's face, landing him with an 8-ball fracture also known as 'hyphema', although he could still see through his injured eye.Murdoc was arrested and sentenced to carry out 30,000 hours (1,250 days) of community service as well as care for the vegetablized Stuart for 10 hours every week. "He wouldn't lie to me like that." Something odd and alien flashed behind her eyes, but it faded as soon as it had come, and it left a frightened little girl in its' place. But we can't if you die""Zexion told me I was gonna die soon." She said. YOU'RE AN INHUMAN MONSTER..cut me off, glared at me fiercely..screamed at me to get out and then turned around and gave me the same cold shoulder she had been giving me that day. I promise, I promise..." He felt Saix settle in beside them, holding his hand in his and stroking her hair with his other hand, and Xemnas could only think of one thing to say. MAKE US FEEL LIKE THE MOST VALUABLE FRIENDSHIPS YOU'VE EVER HAD AND THEN TOSS IT INTO THE GARBAGE LIKE SOME SORT OF VIDEO GAME CONSOLE THAT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!

While Stuart wasn't a very intelligent boy, he was known as a kind person and had a general love of music.

that I never blamed him for what happened to me."His eyes shot open wide, and suddenly he could see his home, in a small village, his mother calling his name with open arms, and the sun was so bright and everything was yellow and green and warm...

2-D was born on May 23, 1978, to David and Rachel Pot.

One year later, in a poor attempt to impress some women, Murdoc performed a 360 in a Tesco car park in Nottingham with his vehicle.

This sent Stuart crashing through the windscreen, hitting his head on the curb, fracturing his other eye.

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There comes a time in every adventure show when the hero must face torture.