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Girls dating websites

We are working on building a blogroll for our blog that will keep some of these sites handy for you to visit.

Here is a list of some my (Meghan) personal favorites, but it barely scratches the surface of all the amazing organizations out there today. What are some of YOUR favorite sites out there working to empower and inspire girls today?

We focus on overturning the gender stereotypes that make girls obsess with body image, keep girls from taking leadership roles, that limit girls’ interests in sciences and math and cause them to feel self-aware when playing sports.

We’ve started a revolution that challenges women to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams.

Our vision is that all girls and women experience equality, independence, and safety in their everyday lives.

To that end, our mission is to create opportunities, develop programs, and provide services that empower them.

A Pigtail Pal doesn’t wish upon a star and wait for her prince to show up.Weekly meetings are held before or after school, during which the high school leader conducts valuable lessons that address issues middle school girls face every day.Some examples of weekly lessons are Being Nice, Underage Drinking and How to Talk to Your Parents.A Pigtail Pal gets into her rocket ship and finds that star all on her own!Founded in 2002, Girl Talk is a student-to-student mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with high school girls who serve as mentors.

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