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If your child's behaviour doesn't improve, and both you and your GP believe it's seriously affecting their day-to-day life, your GP should refer you and your child to a specialist for a formal assessment (see below).

For adults with possible ADHD, your GP will assess your symptoms and may refer you for an assessment if: You may also be referred to a specialist if you had ADHD as a child or young person, and your symptoms are now causing moderate or severe functional impairment.

England is made up of a series of sub-national regions controlled through various administrative entities.

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When you see your GP, they may ask you: If your GP thinks your child may have ADHD, they may first suggest a period of "watchful waiting" lasting around 10 weeks – to see if your child's symptoms improve, stay the same or get worse.

If you find it difficult to remember whether you had problems as a child, or you weren't diagnosed with ADHD when you were younger, your specialist may wish to see your old school records or talk to your parents, teachers or anyone else who knew you well when you were a child.The AF aims to encourage and develop knowledge of the French language and of French and Francophone cultures, and to promote cultural and educational exchanges between France and the rest of the world.Using Many Vids you can make money while offline, you don’t need to be constantly online using webcam, just upload your photos, videos and set a price, make a passive income while spending your time with family and friends.– One of the oldest websites online and most trusted ones, I’m working with them for over a 2 years now.Diagnosing ADHD in children depends on a set of strict criteria.To be diagnosed with ADHD, your child must have six or more symptoms of inattentiveness, or six or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness. To be diagnosed with ADHD, your child must also have: Diagnosing ADHD in adults is more difficult because there's some disagreement about whether the list of symptoms used to diagnose children and teenagers also applies to adults.

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