Blind dating trailer soundtrack

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Blind dating trailer soundtrack

Theodore explains that, although he and Amy (Amy Adams) dated briefly in college, they are only good friends, and that Amy is married.

Theodore and Samantha's intimacy grows through a verbal sexual encounter.

You wanted to get the sense that the conversation was drawing them closer".

Steven Soderbergh became involved in the film when Jonze's original cut ran over 150 minutes, and Soderbergh cut it down to 90 minutes.

She admits to Theodore that she has become close friends with a female OS that Charles left behind.

Jonze explained, "[Kaufman] said he wanted to try to write everything he was thinking about in that moment – all the ideas and feelings at that time – and put it into the script.

He decides that he wants the OS to have a female voice, and she names herself Samantha.

Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically.

This was not the final version of the film, but it assisted Jonze in removing unnecessary sub-plots.

Consequently, a supporting character played by Chris Cooper that was the subject of a documentary within the film was removed from the final cut.

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I was very inspired by that, and tried to do that in [Her].

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